Parkour: A Question

Parkour, Resonance and Alienation – On the subversive Potential of Parkour


Movement is not Meditation. It’s a loop #1: Defining the terms

Movement is not Meditation. It’s a loop #2: Cultivating Mindfulness through Movement?

Movement is not Meditation. It’s a loop #3: Parkour as meditative practice?

Somatic Practices

What Parkour practitioners and teachers can learn from the Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais and systems thinking


Moving through fear #1- A basic introduction into parafunctional emotions

Moving through fear #2: A basic indication framework

Moving through fear #3: Cognitive Interventions and Physical Preperation

Moving through fear #4: Embodied Interventions

Moving through fear #5: Self-worth and acceptance

Roof Culture Asia: Lessons on Fear

Systems thinking

10 principles of systems thinking for parkour and movement practitioners


Jumping to Conclusions #1 – Preliminary observations and thoughts about Parkour studies (or a celebration of Parkour Research as citizen science)

Jumping to Conclusions #2 – What role can science play in developing Parkour

Pushing the boundaries of Parkour – Reflections on the Parkour Research & Development Forum


Parkour & Urbanism: Danger, Freedom and the City

Parkour & Urbanism: The Los Angeles Platz

Parkour & Urbanism: The High Deck Estate


Drunter und drüber – Ein Bericht vom ersten Parkour-Workshop im ABC Bildungszentrum

Reclaim the city: German – Ukrainian youth exchange on participative citizenship and urban activism


Treeclimbing and Embodied Ecology